Thursday, January 24, 2013

bareMinerals Ready Foundation Tips

So the cold that I was trying so desperately to fight off last week has been kicking my butt pretty good since the weekend.

I choose to be positive, so all I keep telling myself is, at least it's not the flu.

That said, I haven't worn a stitch of makeup (unless you count Chapstick) or really even thought about makeup all week.

Still, an interesting e-mail popped up in my inbox from bareMinerals the other day and I thought the info was worth sharing.

I've made it pretty clear how disappointed I was with the new Ready Pressed Foundation here and here.

 It always winds up looking like a cakey mess no matter what I do. 

I must not be the only one who's had issues with it, though, because Leslie Blodgett, the founder of Bare Escentuals, has made some videos with plenty of good tips for applying the foundation.
I haven't tried out any of her suggestions yet, but I'm interested to give the foundation another go.

The most interesting tidbit in these videos is that the Ready formula seems to run lighter than the loose mineral foundation so you may need a darker shade than you usually wear. I don't think that applies to me since I need lighter than light foundation to match my skin, but it might help out some of you with light or medium skin tones.

Do you have any good tips for applying the Ready Foundation?

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