Monday, January 28, 2013

This and That: BE Ready Foundation Update, MAC Archie Girls Collection & Drugstore Makeup

BE Ready Foundation

1) Since I'm finally feeling better, I didn't mind playing around with makeup yesterday so I decided to try out the tips that Leslie Blodgett from Bare Escentuals shared for the Ready Foundation in the videos I posted about the other day to see if I liked it any better.

It was only one time but yeah...I did like it better.

Even though I used multiple brushes when I originally tried the foundation, I think that I must have been applying too much, which is why it looked so cakey.This time, I used the BE Flawless Application Brush, which was suggested in the videos for medium coverage and only tapped it in the powder twice, very lightly. 

When I buffed it into the skin, I used circular motions and got really natural, medium coverage as promised. I applied the foundation to bare skin - well, I did actually apply a little of the Laura Geller Supercharged Spackle first first and let it sink in for a good five minutes - and I didn't feel the need to add any Mineral Veil or other finishing powder on top. 

So if you've had trouble with the Ready Foundation, I really suggest watching the videos and trying again. I think I still like the Original Loose BE foundation (and my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder) better but the Ready is definitely convenient for travel and works well for low maintenance days.

I'm just really happy that this foundation won't be collecting dust in the back of my drawer anymore.

2) If you were as big a fan of the Archie Comics as I was as a kid, you've been eagerly awaiting the release of MAC's Betty and Veronica Collection

The good news is that we don't have to wait much longer - it will be available on MAC's website this Wednesday January 30th. You can also find it in NYC MAC stores on that date, but other locations won't have it until February 7th.

If you haven't seen any sneak peeks of the collection yet,you can check out photos at Temptalia.

I kind of want it all, which is of course ridiculous. My birthday was last week, though, and I owe myself a gift so I will definitely treat myself to a few goodies.

3) I had to stop at CVS today for some essentials, and I was kind of overwhelmed by all the new offerings in the beauty aisle. I couldn't resist picking up a few things to try out, but is it just me or are drugstore makeup prices really getting up there? 

I bought a concealer that was over $10 - that seems pretty steep.

Of course, I willingly paid the price so I guess that's why brands can get away with it.

Fortunately, drugstore products are really getting good.

I'm excited to review the items I bought today and some other stuff I've gotten from e.l.f. over the past few months that have turned out to be some pretty awesome bargains. Keep an eye out for those. 

Are you planning on picking anything up from the MAC Archie's Girls Collection?  What are your favorite new beauty products from the drugstore?

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