Thursday, November 29, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is Available

Urban Decay's new all-matte Naked Basics Palette is now available on their website.

It's $27 and contains 6 shades.  One of the shadows, Foxy, is featured in the UD Naked 2 Palette, but the others are new to the Naked palettes.

If you want it, I wouldn't wait too long - these palettes always fly off the shelves.

And yes - I bought one. 

I just couldn't resist.

Happy Shopping!


  1. aahhh I'm still thinking if i should get it!!! I have the first one and I love it but I just don't know if I want this one haha

    1. It gets overwhelming with all these new palettes coming out, doesn't it? LOL I'm such a sucker for them, though - I can't help it. :)


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