Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation in Fair

Starting Friday on QVC, you can get the 6 piece "What has your makeup done for your lately?" TSV for $49.96 (+$6.72 s/h), which you can purchase here.

I previewed its contents when my kit arrived a few weeks back, and while there are a few interesting products in the kit, the star is definitely the Maracuja Miracle Foundation.  I've had a few weeks to test it out now, and I've got to say, I'm pretty much head over heels in love with it.

Well, almost.

I've talked about Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation before - how I love the color of the Fair shade and the way it offers pretty full coverage without feeling like a heavy mask on the face.

Unfortunately, the Amazonian Clay Foundation doesn't really work with my dry to combination skin as it seems to cling to all the dry, flaky patches.  I was hopeful that the Maracuja Miracle Foundation would be a better match for me since it contains maracuja oil, which I like very much as a moisturizer for my skin.

The foundation comes in a pretty glass bottle that holds 1 fl. oz. of product, It has a pump, so it's easy to dispense and apply.  It also has an SPF of 15 (FYI - it's chemical sunscreen), which is always a good thing.

Gotta love a foundation with a pump dispenser...

When it comes to consistency, the Maracuja Miracle Foundation is thinner and more liquid-y than the Amazonian Clay Foundation. It blends into the skin very easily and has a nice, moisturizing feeling on the face.

The thing that I love best about this foundation?

Its gorgeous dewy finish that makes your skin look like its positively glowing.


The finish of this foundation is killer.  Especially if you've got dry, combo or normal skin.

I'd say the Maracuja Miracle Foundation offers medium coverage, but it's thin enough that you can easily layer it for fuller coverage if you need.  The TSV comes with a foundation brush, and I do find that's my favorite way to apply it.

The one issue I have with this foundation?

The color.

As always, I ordered the lightest shade, Fair.  Sadly, it isn't as light as the Amazonian Clay Foundation's Fair shade and it has a slightly peachy cast to it.

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation in Fair

Now, in the swatch, I know it looks so horrifically dark that you'd probably assume there's no way I can wear it.  But I've swatched it on the inside of my wrist, which might just be the palest part of the palest body on earth.  And once I blend the foundation in and add a lighter powder on top, it works pretty well (though I have to be sure to take it down my neck a bit).

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation in Fair blended in

I'm just disappointed that Tarte has never seemed to make another foundation as light as the Amazonian Clay in Fair.  That shade is a near perfect match for my Casper white skin, but it takes quite a bit of effort on my part to get that foundation to work on my dry skin.  I tried their ReCreate Foundation too, which is another nice one, but it's also slightly too dark for my skin.

Maybe I'll try mixing a bit of the Amazonian Clay Foundation in with the Maracuja Miracle Foundation to lighten it up a bit.

It's worth  a shot.

Otherwise, though, this foundation is near perfect. The finish is just so pretty and glowy and natural and healthy.

Can you tell I like it a whole lot?

If you can find a shade that works for your skin tone, I would snatch this up in a heartbeat.

As far as I know, the foundation is exclusive to QVC through the end of the year.  I don't know how much it retails for on its own, but I'd imagine somewhere in the $36 range like the rest of Tarte's foundations.  That makes this TSV price a steal.

Particularly since the other products in the kit are pretty amazing too.

Especially the shadow/liner pencil  - it's seriously budge-proof!

What's your favorite foundation right now?


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for this post, I have been eyeing this foundation but I'm always weary of "moisturizing" foundations, even though I have dry skin, because they tend to be gloopy and so thick and nasty. I think your review has sold me so I just wanted to say thank you:))

    1. I know exactly what you mean - you want the extra moisture to hide any flaky patches but then it winds up feeling like a heavy mask on your face. This foundation isn't like that at all. I don't know if it's the maracuja oil in it or what, but it really does blend right into the skin.

      I'm glad the review helped, and hope you enjoy the foundation. :)


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