Tuesday, July 17, 2012

QVC Bare Escentuals Bare Luxury TSV AD Shipment #3

QVC Bare Escentuals' Bare Luxury TSV AD Shipment #3

I love it when I totally forget that I've got another QVC TSV AD shipment coming my way until the e-mail pops up in my inbox. 

It's like a gift I forgot that I bought for myself. 

That's what happened last week when the third shipment of the Bare Escentuals' Bare Luxury arrived my doorstep - and this was one I was dying to get my hands on all because of the Ready Eyeshadow Duo in the kit.

I'll give a run-down of the kit in case anyone out there is on AD but has delayed their shipment to see what the colors are all about... then I'll get on to the eyeshadow because fortunately, you can buy it on all its lonesome on the Bare Escentuals website.

Bare Luxury AD Shipment #3 contains: the Ready Shadow Duo in the Hidden Agenda; Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliners in 9PM & 10 AM; Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses in Wow Factor & Rule Breaker; Chic Radiance All-Over Face Color; Blending Brush; Angled Faced Brush; & Gold Brush Roll.

I've mentioned before that I'm not crazy about the glittery gold bags that come with these TSV kits - it's not the bags themselves. They're actually really well-made for what I consider a throw-in product. I'm just not a fan of the gold (Not a fan of gold in general, actually.)  and when I opened the box and saw this particular 'bag' because I thought it was the exact same one that had come in a previous installment.

But when I realized that it's actually a brush roll, I was pleasantly surprised - I don't store my everyday brushes in one, but it's perfect for travel brushes.  I've already tucked this in my travel makeup bag so I'm all set for my next trip (which sadly, isn't likely too happen anytime soon...)

BE Brush Roll

I have mixed feelings about the Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliners - I've tried about six of them, and four are amazingly creamy and easy to apply. However, the other two are really dry and difficult to work with. Maybe I just got a couple of duds, but it does make me wonder.  Fortunately, the two in this kit are lovely.  9PM, which is available on its own on the BE website, is a rich matte brown, while 10AM is a pretty olive green with subtle gold shimmer. 

BE Round the Clock Eyeliners in 9PM (top) & 10AM (bottom)

BE Round the Clock Eyeliners in 9PM (l.) & 10AM (r.)

When I opened the Chic Radiance All-Over Face Color, I was a little scared - it looks like a dark, dark bronzey-gold color in the little pot.  Fortunately, it is actually a much lighter gold color when applied to the skin. It makes a nice warm highlight - but these Radiance Face Colors are all pretty shimmery so if you're not a fan of the shimmer, I'd pass on these.

BE Chic Radiance All-Over Face Color

BE Chic Radiance All-Over Face Color

BE Chic Radiance All-Over Face Color swatch

While I'm always probably going to like the Buxom lipglosses better, I'm a big fan of the Marvelous Moxie glosses. They have the same minty tingle, though their scent isn't quite as pleasant as the Buxom glosses. The two shades in this kit are lovely - Wow Factor is light berry shade with subtle gold shimmer and Rule Breaker is a peachy nude with gold shimmer (right up my alley!).

BE Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses in Rule Breaker (top) & Wow Factor (bottom)

BE Marvelous Moxie Glosses in Wow Factor (l.) & Ruler Breaker (r.)

Now, on to my favorite item in the whole kit - the Ready Eyeshadow Duo in the Hidden Agenda.

I am in love.

I actually saw this duo a month or so back when it was first released, and I was instantly drawn to it.  Fortunately, I restrained myself and didn't buy it - or else I would have wound up with two of them.

The Hidden Agenda contains Stealth, a light peach (with just a hint of pink) with a satin finish; and Undercover, a shimmery mid-tone pewter.

Now, I admittedly have a weakness for any and all peach colored makeup, so it's a given that I'd be drawn to this duo.  But really, I think what I love best about it is that it brings together two shades that I wouldn't necessarily think to pair on my own... and yet somehow, the peachy shade on the lid and the pewter shade in the crease creates a lovely subtle - and sophisticated - eye look. 

 It is just beautiful.

My kit arrived Friday afternoon, and I have worn the Hidden Agenda everyday since - that's how crazy about it I am.

BE Ready Eyeshadow Duo in The Hidden Agenda

BE Ready Eyeshadow Duo in The Hidden Agenda

BE Ready Eyeshadow Duo in The Hidden Agenda - Stealth (l.) & Undercover (r.)

If you're as smitten with the combination as I am, you can buy the duo here.

Overall, I think this kit is a winner - the Hidden Agenda and Rule Breaker gloss seriously rock my world. and the other pieces are more than nice themselves.

However, I will say that I don't think all of the colors in the installment work together. That's not a big deal for me since I like to mix and match my makeup, but if you're buying the kit to have an entire look, it's a little hit and miss. The Moxie gloss in Rule Breaker works with the Ready duo, but the Wow Factor gloss is a little iffy.

And maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't wear the Hidden Agenda Duo with brown or olive liner. (FYI - I've been pairing with my MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number, a deep charcoal shade, which is a nice combo.)

Again, I don't think this is any serious issue but I just thought I would point it in case anyone was hoping for a complete look in a single kit. 

What makeup item has rocked your world recently?


  1. The shadow duo looks so pretty! :) I love the inside of the brush roll (the pretty pinkness!) I kind of agree about gold, I think it's pretty, but I think it can be overkill, and I prefer pink everything! haha

    1. I am so in love with that shadow duo that today is the first day since I got it that I could force myself not to wear it. All of my other eye shadow was getting jealous. :P

      Yeah, I just don't feel the gold. I love that it's sparkly, but I wish it was another color...


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