Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too Faced Natural at Night Eye Shadow Palette

I love of the look of a sultry, sexy smoky eye, but being as fair as I am, I have a tough time pulling it off myself.

If I try using any of the classic smoky eye shades - black, charcoal, navy, purple, etc. - I wind up looking like I was sucker-punched with a mean right hook.

The only way for me to wear a smoky eye is use to warm mid-tone brown, bronze or copper shades, which don't wash me out as much as those darker shades and actually look pretty good with my blue eyes.

That's why I was seriously intrigued when Too Faced came out with their Natural at Night Eye Shadow Palette, which includes all the perfect shades for a more natural smoky eye.

Of course, I need another eye shadow palette like I need a hole in the head, so I held off on buying it...

Until a few weeks back when Too Faced had their F&F sale and I decided to treat myself.

And I'm definitely happy I did.

Too Faced Natural at Night Palette
 The colors in this collection are beautiful - exactly the kind of shades that I reach for when I want to create a sultry smoky eye. Now, I probably already have shades that are similar to many of these in my collection, but there is something to be said for the convenience of having them all in one neat little palette. It's obviously ideal for travel, but I also find that I'm able to get ready more quickly if I don't have to go looking through different shadow singles, duos or palettes to find the three or four shades that I need. 

Top row (l. to r.): Full Moon, Nightcap, Cocoa Star; Middle row (l. to r.): Night Light, After Hours, Eclipse; Bottom row (l. to r.): Spotlight, Moon Stone, Night Fever

While all of the shades are gorgeous, the standouts for me are Full Moon, a shimmery golden color; After Hours, a shimmery golden taupe; Eclipse, a shimmery burgundy; and Moon Stone, a shimmery golden olive.

The palette includes two matte shades - Cocoa Star, a chocolate brown, and Spotlight, a yellow-toned highlight shade. Like all of the Too Faced matte shades that I've tried, these are creamy and very easy to blend.

The only mild disappointment in the Natural at Night Palette is Night Light. The color is lovely - a deep pink champagne - but unlike the palette's other glittery shade, Night Fever, Night Light has an almost gritty texture. It's still usable but you definitely need to pat it on your lids, not swipe, or you'll wind up with a ton of glittery chunks beneath your eyes.

I definitely recommend the palette if you're looking for a softer, more natural take on the smoky eye.  If you've got darker skin, you may even be able to use these shades during the day (I've actually used some of them in the daytime myself actually).

What are your go-to colors for a smoky eye?

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