Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oldie but Goodie: MAC's Well Dressed Blush

MAC Well Dressed Blush

In the summer, I like to go out of my comfort zone a bit and wear brighter blush colors. 

I don't tan at all, and I find that even with my super fair skin, a bright pink or coral blush can give my complexion that extra boost it needs to keep me from looking washed out when the weather heats up. (I'm planning on do a post next week to cover my favorite summer blushes for anyone looking for some good ones.)

But on days when I'm going for a low-key look, bright pink or coral can look a little clownish - and that's when you need a good, basic everyday pink blush that can take you through any season or makeup look.

Enter MAC's Well Dressed.

Well Dressed in pan

I've had Well Dressed for ages - it's was the very first blush that I purchased from MAC actually, mainly because it's such a versatile, everyday color.

Well Dress is a medium pink that leans slightly to the cooler end of the spectrum.  It's a satin finish blush, so while it adds a lovely glow to the cheeks, it doesn't contain any chunky glitter that might accentuate pores or fine lines.

MAC Well Dressed swatch (heavy)
I wear Well Dressed with virtually any makeup look - when I've gone for a heavy, smoky look on the eyes, when I'm wearing brighter eye makeup, or when I'm wearing nothing but mascara and eyeliner. It looks terrific with everything.

While it's not a particularly dark shade, I think that Well Dressed could be layered to show up nicely on medium and deeper skin tones.  It's a definite winner for fair-skinned folks, though - that's for sure.

What's your favorite everyday blush?

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