Thursday, April 12, 2012

Current Obsession: Peachy/Orange/Coral Nail Polish

So many pretty peachy/orange/coral nail polishes, so little time...

 It's probably obvious by now, but I am totally crazy about peach, coral and orange-y makeup shades.

Whether it's lipstick, gloss, blush or even eye shadow, I just find myself drawn to peachy shades more and more.  My current obsession, though, is peach, coral and orange tones in nail polish. It's the perfect manicure for spring and summer when I want something lighter and brighter, but don't want to go the route of a traditional baby pink or nude shade. 

There are a ton of beautiful peach, orange and coral polishes out there, but here are a few of my favorites.

Sephora by OPI What's Your Sign?
Sephora by OPI What's Your Sign? - I purchased this polish a couple of months back when I was desperate for spring because it just screamed sun, flowers and fun to me.  It's probably the most straight-up orange of all the polishes that I own, but it's slightly muted so it's not obnoxious or garish.  What's Your Sign? also has beautiful silver micro-shimmer throughout it, so it catches the light with subtle sparkle. I wear this on my nails a lot, but it's also a perfect color for the toes. The polish is fairly sheer, but two coats is still usually all I need to achieve the color I want.

China Glaze Peachy Keen
 China Glaze Peachy Keen - This was my first foray into peachy-orange polishes, and while I may have found others that I like a little better, it's still a go-to summer shade for me.  In terms of color, it's fairly similar to What's Your Sign? in that it's a peach shade that definitely leans toward the orange end of the spectrum. However, Peachy Keen has a lovely cream finish that delivers opaque coverage in two coats. It's another great color for pedicures too.

Sephora by OPI How Cute is That?

Sephora by OPI How Cute is That? - This is the most coral of all the shades, so it's a gorgeous combination of pink and orange with lovely red and gold micro-shimmer throughout.  I tend to wear this one to most special occasions that I attend during the spring and summer because it's a bit darker than the other polishes in the list and gives a really sophisticated, polished look while still being the perfect fun, bright color for warmer weather. I do have to say that it doesn't have the greatest formula, though, so sometimes it requires three coats to get the kind of coverage that I want.

Essie A Crewed Interest
Essie A Crewed Interest - I spend virtually all of last summer looking for the perfect peachy nude nail polish, and was pretty frustrated when I couldn't find anything that fit my expectations exactly. Then, a couple of months back, I saw photos of Essie's spring collection, and A Crewed Interest just called my name.  It's a lovely pale peach shade with a creme finish, and it gives opaque coverage in two coats.  If you're into the whole pastel trend for spring, this is a perfect polish to try.

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Color Care Sorbet

Sally Hansen Sorbet on nails (with Essie Shine of the Times on every other nail)
Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Color Care Polish in Sorbet - A couple of weeks back, I ran into Walgreen's to buy some toothpaste, deodorant, and Easter cards for my nephews - and came out with a handful of new nail polishes. Sally Hansen's Sorbet was one of my impulse buys, and it has turned out to be my very favorite peachy polish.  It's very similar in color to A Crewed Interest, but it's a little darker so I like the way it looks against my pale skin a bit better.  It also has a somewhat pearly finish, which is just so gorgeous. I picked up Essie's Shine of the Times at the same time (and this polish really deserves a post all its own because it is the most gorgeous iridescent flakie polish ever), and I love the combination of the two for a pretty sparkling look that's subtle enough for pretty much any occasion (or office).

Are you a fan of peachy, coral, or orange polishes?  What is your favorite nail polish shade for the spring and summer?

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