Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bare Escentuals Bare Luxury TSV - 2nd Shipment

Bare Escentuals' Bare Luxury TSV Second Shipment

Back in November, I ordered the Bare Escentuals Bare Luxury TSV from QVC - and because I'm a glutton, I signed up for auto-delivery so I'd get 3 additional kits in the future.  Today, my best friend the UPS man showed up with the second shipment and I have to say, I think I like this kit a little better than the first. 

Of course, I've only swatched and played around with the product so far, so I reserve the right to change my mind.

While both kits contain the same products, the colors are different and this second shipment just seems perfect for spring.

Just as with the first, the second shipment comes with a gold, glittery makeup bag. While it's a decent size and cute enough, I'm not really a fan of gold so I'll probably pass this along to a friend.  In fact, I haven't even bothered to take it out of the plastic.

Bare Luxury Makeup Bag

There are also two brushes included: the soft focus eyeshadow brush and the feather light brush.  I already have a feather light brush, which is essentially Bare Escentuals' version of a duo-fiber brush, so I'll probably pass that on or save it for a giveaway as well.  The soft focus eyeshadow brush looks likes a nice blending brush, and because it has a shorter handle, I think it'll be a great brush for traveling (I'm going away for Easter this weekend, so perhaps I'll road test it then). 

Bare Escentuals Feather Light Brush (top) & Soft Focus Eyeshadow Brush

I think that my favorite product in the kit is the exclusive Ready Eye Shadow Duo in The Inspiration.  It contains a satiny, soft pink shade, Muse, and shimmery plum color with gold glitter, Passion.  I adore the Ready pressed shadows, and these shades are just like all the others - soft, creamy, and easy to blend.  Unlike the Ready duos in the permanent line, the duos in the Bare Luxury TSVs all come in shiny gold packaging, which I'm not of fan of.  Again, I don't really like gold and I hate how easy it is to get smudgy fingerprints all over it.  Beyond that, though, the colors are gorgeous and I think they'll be perfect for spring and summer.  I may even wear them on Easter...

Bare Escentuals Ready Eyeshadow Duo in The Inspiration - Muse (l.) & Passion (r.)

The Enlightment swatches - Muse (l.) & Passion (r.)

The kit also contains two of the newer Moxie lip glosses.  I've mentioned these before - I like the formula quite a bit, though I know some folks have issues with the scent.  The shades included in the second Bare Luxury kit are Show Off, a light peach, and Live Wire, a plumy rose.  While I have  peach lip product fanatic, I think Live Wire is my favorite of the two - it fits the spring trend of brighter lip colors, but it's muted enough that I don't feel self-conscious in it. 

Bare Escentuals Moxie Glosses in Live Wire (l.) & Show Off (r.)

Moxie Gloss swatches - Live Wire (top) & Show Off (bottom)

There are also two eye of the Round the Clock Waterproof eyeliners in the kit - Midnight, a standard black, and 5 PM, a dark plum.  The swatches may look similar (Sorry about the poor lighting! Damn sun had already started to move when I snapped the photos), but 5 PM is definitely a purple shade.  I like how dark it is, though, because it won't scream plum on the eye but is still much softer than black. I like these liners quite bit - they definitely stay in place, though I don't often wear liner on my waterline so I can't attest to their staying power there.

Bare Escentuals Round the Clock Eye Liners in Midnight (top) & 5PM (bottom)

Round the Clock Liner swatches - Midnight (top) & 5PM (bottom)

The last product in the kit is the Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color. It's a gorgeous, glowy gold shade that seems like it will work well as a highlighter.  Now, when you look at the swatch, it may seem really glittery and over the top, but when blended into the skin, it's very pretty. I think it would be especially pretty on tan skin because of the golden undertones.

Bare Escentuals Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color

Secret Radiance swatch

Have you tried any of these Bare Escentuals products?  Are you a fan of the Ready line?  What are your favorite colors for spring?


  1. Oh dear... now I think I'm going to have to release mine. The glosses look great! One looks almost like the peach from the first kit (I forget the name of that one).
    I liked the rose gold radiance in the first and I think this one is also gorgeous. ut oh... I really thought I might pass on this one but NO.
    Thanks for your swatches (I think) LOL.

    1. Sorry! LOL But if I'm being honest, I definitely like these colors better than the first kit. Comparing the two peachy glosses from the first and second kits, I'd say the one from the first kit (Wild One, I think) is darker and maybe leans more toward the coral end of the spectrum while Show Off from this kit is lighter and leans more toward pink. They're both gorgeous, though, and I think will be great for summer. I love the rosy plum shade from this kit too - wore it with the shadows from this kit on Easter and it was just beautiful. I haven't worn the Secret Radiance, but it is really stunning when swatched. I hate to say it, but I don't think you'll regret getting this kit. ;)


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