Monday, July 16, 2018

Product Review -- ColourPop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation, Setting Powder, and Sheer Pressed Powder

It's been fun to see ColourPop gradually expanding their product line to include pretty much a full range of makeup. Foundation seemed to be one of the final frontiers for them (I think all they're missing now for a full face is mascara?), and with the introduction of the No Filter Natural Matte Foundation, it appears they've finally conquered that.

Along with the world of setting powder -- No Filter Setting Powder -- and pressed powder -- No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder.

I'm a pretty big fan of the No Filter Concealer that came out about a year ago, especially since they've expanded the shade selection, so I was pretty excited to give the foundation a try.

I have to admit that I did get a little nervous when I saw the word "matte" in the product name, though. My skin is normal to dry, so matte foundations aren't usually the best fit for me. This one describes itself as natural matte, though, which did make me feel a little bit better -- and for only $12, I figured it was worth a try.

The foundation comes in a heavy glass bottle with a cute white star design. It comes with a pump too, so it's easy to get out just the right amount of product.

ColourPop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation in Fair 05 and Fair 10
It has a fairly thin, liquidy consistency when you pump it out, but it has a very creamy texture on the skin and blends in pretty seamlessly. Personally, I would classify the coverage as medium -- it covers quite a bit, but I still have a couple of darker spots that I need to add concealer over to fully cover after applying the foundation.

The foundation definitely has a matte finish, but I don't find that it's overly drying. However, I don't like wearing it with a powder over it even in the warm summer weather when my skin is a little more oily -- I find that my skin can look a little dry and cakey if I set it with powder (and I tried several different powders, so I'm attributing it to the foundation itself).

If you have oily skin, though, I think you'd want to set the foundation because it doesn't seem to do much in the way of absorbing oil.

The No Filter Foundation is available in over 40 shades, with cool, warm, and neutral undertones represented. I purchased two shades, Fair 05, which is supposed to be a neutral foundation with subtle yellow undertones for very fair skin (am I the only one who finds this contradictory? A neutral foundation shouldn't have yellow undertones, right?), and Fair 10, a cool foundation with subtle pink undertones for very fair skin.

ColourPop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation in Fair 05 and Fair 10
I've mentioned before that my very fair skin is pretty much neutral, though it does lean just a hair toward the cool side of the spectrum. On their own, I find Fair 10 to be the best match for me. But I actually think I prefer mixing the two to get the best color match.

I like the No Filter Foundation quite a bit for a summer, though I'm not sure it will work as well for my skin in the fall and winter when it's considerably drier.

It retails for $12 on the ColourPop website.

Setting powders and pressed powders aren't quite as exciting for me as foundation probably because I usually don't like the way they look on my skin.

The ColourPop No Filter Powders aren't really any different.

The No Filter Setting Powder is a loose formula that I purchased in the Translucent shade. It has a very fine, silky texture that feels nice on the skin -- and can actually look pretty good even on my drier skin.

ColourPop No Filter Setting Powder

ColourPop No Filter Setting Powder
ColourPop No Filter Setting Powder in Translucent
In particular, I find it works well for setting undereye concealer without looking too dry or heavy. When I used it all over the face over the No Filter Foundation, though, I wasn't a really a fan -- it did make my skin look somewhat dry that way.

If your skin is normal to oily, you shouldn't have a problem, though.

In general, I would recommend checking it out if you're in the market for a new setting powder. It retails for $9 on the ColourPop website.

The No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder, on the other hand, I'd probably recommend passing on it.

It comes in a plastic compact with a generously sized mirror. I purchased it in the Fair shade but ColourPop isn't lying when they call it sheer -- it doesn't offer much in the way of coverage at all.

ColourPop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder

ColourPop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder in Fair

ColourPop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder in Fair
And yet, it still manages to look pretty cakey on my dry skin. I tried it over the No Filter Foundation, which was a big fail, but I also used it over more moisturizing foundations and it didn't look much better.

Now, it might work better on oily or combination skin, but I can't see it being anything special. It may be only $9 on the ColourPop website, but I just think that there are better pressed powder options out there.

Have you tried the ColourPop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation, Setting Powder, and/or Sheer Pressed Powder? Are you a fan?

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