Monday, November 21, 2016

Product Review -- Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette

I have such a weakness for warm neutral eye shadow palettes.

(Yes, I know that term is a contradiction -- if a shade leans warm, it isn't neutral! -- but lots of makeup brands go with it so I am too.)

Natural looking shades in tones of orange, red, rust, copper, and bronze are pretty much my idea of heaven.

So I was sold on the Nubian Eye Shadow Palette from Juvia's Place since pretty much the first time I saw a picture of it.

Juvia's Place is a relatively new indie makeup brand that sells single eyeshadows, eye lashes, and brushes, but they've really made a name for themselves with their gorgeous (and pretty reasonably priced) eyeshadow palettes.

The Nubian Palette contains 12 shadows that fall into that warm neutral category. The palette is made of sturdy cardboard in a pretty green color and features artwork depicting an Egyptian queen on the exterior and interior of the lid.

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette

The shadow shades aren't named, but they include a shimmery pale gold with pink duochrome; a matte light orange; a matte tan; a metallic champagne; a metallic deep rose gold; a metallic golden bronze; a metallic rusty red; a metallic dark copper; a satin dark brown; a matte mid-tone brown; a satin black brown; and a matte black brown.

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette first row

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette second row

Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette third row
I don't mean to overstate it, but the shades in the palette are absolutely stunning. Their warmth makes them perfect for fall and winter, but they're the kind of shades that you can wear year round.

As beautiful as the shades are, it's the shadow formula that really made me fall in love with this palette.

Every single shadow is nicely pigmented and they all have a smooth, creamy texture, even the mattes. The metallic shadows are clearly the stars of the palette because they are so richly pigmented and blend like a dream.

The only flaw in the palette is that there isn't a matte highlight shade so you may need to incorporate an outside shadow to do a complete look.

The palette retails for $28.99, but you can often get it at a sale price or find a discount code. I paid about $25 with shipping when I purchased my palette. At the time of this post, the palette is on sale for $17.50 as part of an early Black Friday sale.

If you like warm, natural eye shadows, I definitely recommend this palette.

Juvia's Place offers a couple of other palettes that include more colorful options if you prefer brighter looks.

Have you tried the Juvia's Place Nubian Eye Shadow Palette? Are you a fan?

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