Friday, September 23, 2016

Product Review -- NYX Ombre Blushes

I'm kind of a sucker for ombre blushes.

Regardless of how they perform, they just always look so beautiful in the pan that I can't seem to resist them.

The one risk involved in purchasing an ombre blush -- if you're not able to see the blush through the packaging or open up the package to check out the blush --- is that you never know exactly how the ombre design will be configured, which can affect the overall color that you get.

For example, if your blush is 90% of one color and 10% of the shades that it fades into, it's going to be pretty close to that first shade. On the other hand, if the gradient effect is divided more evenly among the colors, you might wind up with an entirely new shade.

Still, when I saw the NYX Ombre Blushes, I couldn't stop myself from picking up a couple -- even though I was ordering online and I wouldn't know exactly what I was getting ahead of time.

The NYX Ombre Blushes come in black plastic compacts with a decent size mirror on the inside. Each pan contains 8 grams of product, which is a pretty generous amount.

NYX Ombre Blushes
I purchased the blushes in Sweet Spring, which is a coral-y pink that fades into a hot pink, and Code Breaker, which is a purple-y pink that fades into a purple shade. While both shades have faint shimmer in the pan, they appear matte on the skin.

NYX Sweet Spring (l.) & Code Breaker (r.)
Both of the blushes that I received feature one color pretty predominantly and only a silver of the gradient effect. My Sweet Spring is mainly coral-y pink with just a little stripe of hot pink, while my Code Breaker is primarily purple-y-pink with just a bit of purple at the top.

So if I bought these blushes solely for the ombre effect, I'd probably be disappointed.

However, I absolutely adore them despite the almost non-existent gradient action going on.

And that's because these are some of the brightest, most pigmented blushes I've ever tried.

I tried Sweet Spring first, and even though I didn't load up my brush, there was so much color on my cheeks with one swipe that I definitely looked like a clown. I had to take out a clean brush and do some major buffing to tone it down.

So folks with fair or light skin like mine should definitely use a light hand (and a duo-fiber brush helps diffuse the color nicely too), but for people with a darker skin tone who might have trouble getting blushes to show up, these blushes should work really well.

NYX Sweet Spring (l.) & Code Breaker (r.)
I love both shades, but I think Code Breaker is the more unique of the two so it's probably my favorite.

I definitely want to try Mauve Me and Nude to Me, too, though, so I will be picking up more in the future.

You can find these blushes on the NYX website, at Ulta, and anywhere else you can buy NYX products.

Have you tried the NYX Ombre Blushes? Which shade is your favorite?

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