Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review -- YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation

I have a foundation that I love and always performs reliably for me (MUFE HD Foundation in 110, in case you're interested), but that doesn't stop me from wanting to try just about every foundation on the market, high end and drugstore.

The only time I'm not interested in a foundation is when I know it's a really poor match for my dry skin. Those I usually manage to resist (not all the time, though. Sometimes, I'll try those too for warmer months when my skin tends to be a little oily).

So basically I'm a foundation junkie.

I'm particularly intrigued by luxury brand foundations like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and YSL because I figure that they must be pretty fabulous if they can get away with charging $60+ for them.

But while I'll throw down $40 on foundation without a thought, I do get a little bit hesitant when they start to get in the $55 and up category.

Which is why I only splurge on luxury brands once in a blue moon.

As I did when I picked up the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation a while back.

At $57, it is definitely pricey, but its claims -- about being like magic light in a bottle and having a perfect texture that evens out your complexion and hides all imperfections while feeling weightless on the skin -- are pretty persuasive.

It comes in a glass bottle with a nice pump dispenser and contains 1 fl. oz. of product like most foundations. It also has SPF19, which isn't enough protection on its own but is a nice little boost over your usual sunscreen.

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation
Now, maybe the foundation isn't quite the miracle that the marketing copy would have you believe, but it's pretty damn fabulous and -- as much as it pains me to admit this -- worth every darn penny.

It has a very thin, liquid-y consistency that allows it to blend effortlessly into the skin so it doesn't go on patchy or streaky. I typically apply it with a brush or Beauty Blender, but in a pinch, it'll go on just fine with your fingers.

I would say that it's a medium coverage foundation, but it is so lightweight on the skin that it is actually possible to build it up to pretty full coverage without worrying about it getting cakey or thick.

Despite the 'illuminating' in its title, its finish isn't dewy -- it's just incredibly natural on the skin ... so it looks like skin. When I apply it, it evens out my skin and covers most imperfections and just makes my skin look fresh.  That's the best way I can think to describe it.

In cooler weather, I don't bother to set it. In the warm weather, I think a light translucent powder is good to help keep it in place.

That said, I don't think it would be the best option for super oily or super dry skins, but I think anyone in between could use it comfortably.

I purchased the foundation in Beige 10 and it's a pretty good mix for my fair skin with neutral to cool undertones -- though it does seem to lean a little peachy, so if you've got strictly cool undertones, you might find it a little warm.

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in Beige 10
As you can probably guess, I absolutely love it. I would use it everyday without reservation because it's just as reliable as my MUFE -- but the price tag gives me a little pause. That's why I usually save it for special occasions. I just don't want to go through it too quickly and have to replace it.

So if you've got a little extra money to splurge with and are looking for a great foundation, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

Have you tried the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation? Are you a fan?


  1. Personally I can´t get myself (yet) to spend so much money on a foundation. ^^;
    Have foundations ever gone bad for you though? You said you´d only use this YSL one on special occasions. I´d be so scared that halfway through it´d turn bad.

    1. I have had to throw some foundations out over the years, though those all tended to be ones I purchased from the drugstore so I wonder if the higher end formulas utilize better preservatives.

      And I'll admit that I don't follow those hard and fast rules about throwing foundation out after a year. I go by smell and consistency -- once I notice a change in either of those, I toss it.

      But I hear you about paying that much for a foundation. I'll usually only do it if I have gift card so I'm not really spending my money. ;)

    2. I also go by smell and cosistency (and change of colour) with all my stuff. I guess most people who collect makeup do. Imagine all those girls proudly showing their collections of lipstick having to throw them all out after some time.

      So far I´ve always managed to use up my foundations (since I own a max of two at one time) but those are the products I´d be most worried to go bad because you put them all over your face. So maybe the expensive ones are a better investment in that sense. Either way. I hope this YSL treasure will make you happy for a long time :)


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