Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review -- Maybelline Eye Studio Color Molten Eyeshadows

Lately, it seems like every time I hit the drugstore, there are intriguing, new products littering the makeup aisle.

So even I manage to make it through one trip for shampoo or toothpaste without buying anything, it's barely a few days before I'm back and giving in.  

I can't help it -- the makeup junkie in me wants to try every product in the world.

Which means even though I hadn't seen much information about Maybelline's new Eye Studio Color Molten Eyeshadows, I couldn't resist picking up a couple when I was in CVS a few weeks back. 

The premise behind these is interesting -- Maybelline describes them as a micro-gel pigment formula that melts with a liquid touch, which basically means they're kind of a powder product that becomes a cream when you touch it.

Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadows in Endless Mocha (l.) and Nude Rush (r.) (no flash)

Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadows in Endless Mocha (l.) and Nude Rush (r.) (flash)

To avoid confusion, though, these aren't really like a traditional cream shadow. They aren't as creamy and don't blend as easily on the skin. 

In a way, they're somewhat similar to the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows -- except the ColourPop formula seems to be much more pigmented and easier to work with, which is odd considering that the Maybelline formula feels a lot creamier to the touch.

But like those Super Shock Shadows, I think the Color Moltens apply best with a finger. If you're using one of the darker shades in the crease, I've found that a synthetic brush is the best option. 

All of the shadows are duo, with a lighter base shade and a darker crease shade. I purchased two of the duos: Nude Rush (300), which contains a pale shimmery pink and a light shimmery tan, and Endless Mocha, which contains a light shimmery golden brown and a dark shimmery chocolate brown.

Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadows in Endless Mocha (l.) and Nude Rush (r.) (no flash)

Maybelline Color Molten Eyeshadows in Endless Mocha (l.) and Nude Rush (r.) (flash)
While the color selections are nice, I'm not a fan of the formula -- the light shades in Nude Rush aren't very pigmented at all, and while Endless Mocha's shadows are fairly pigmented, they don't blend very easily so they can go on patchy.

Endless Mocha's shades last fairly well with a primer, but Nude Rush seems to disappear on my eyes within three or four hours. That might be because the shades are so light and start to fade, but I'm not entirely sure. 

I paid $7.99 for each duo, so if you're looking for a gel/powder/cream hybrid type shadow formula, I'd go with the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, which perform better, come in a larger range of colors and finishes, and only cost $5 each.

Have you tried the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Molten Eyeshadows? Do you like the formula?


  1. I have a hard time getting over how different the shadows look with and without a flash. It´s almost unrecognizeable. As usual this seems to be US exclusive so I wouldn´t know about the feel of them however even our german blogs are raving about ColourPop, so they´d probably be my first choice. ;)

    1. I know -- the flash does make a big difference with these! I think the non-flash is probably truer to what they look like, but there was such a difference that I had to include both. I really hope ColourPop starts shipping to Germany soon because they are such fun. I'm just about to post a review on their new blushes, which I love too. :)

    2. Just saw it! :D You have no idea what lengths bloggers go through to get their hands on them. When it comes to cosmetics you definitely want to live either in the States or in Korea.

    3. Oh, I don't know ... you guys have some cool things in Europe that I'd love to try. The grass is always greener, I guess. ;)


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