Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review -- Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation

My skin's been acting a little strange this summer.

I used to have seriously oily skin and all the problems that came with it, like regular breakouts, foundation melting off my face, and greasy shine pretty much two minutes after I washed my face.

But since I turned 30 and started using Retin-A, I've gotten drier and drier. In the winter, it's not usual for me to have a flaky patch or two that requires a heavy-duty moisturizer to get it back in shape.

When warmer weather comes around, my skin definitely veers more toward normal, so I don't need a hydrating foundation and can use a face product that's more mattifying.

This summer, though, my skin has actually been oily -- with the major shine and melting foundation to go with it.

It's weird because I haven't changed my skincare routine at all and it hasn't been a particularly hot summer here in NY so I don't know why it would suddenly become an oil slick.  But whatever the reason, I've been relying on thinner foundations with a matte finish to keep me looking as fresh as possible.

There are a ton of thin, liquid-y foundations that melt into the skin for a bare skin look on the market now -- I have the Giorigio Armani Maestro Foundation, L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder, and bareMinerals Bare Skin Foundation, and I like all of them to varying degrees. (In the past, the GA and L'Oreal ones were a little too drying for my skin, though now they cooperate pretty well with my skin. The bareMinerals foundation seems to work with my skin no matter how it's acting, so it's my hands down favorite.)

The Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation seems to follow a similar concept.

It's a lightweight liquid foundation with a thin consistency that fuses with the skin to give you an incredibly natural finish.

Unlike the GA and L'Oreal foundations, though, the Maybelline Dream Wonder isn't drying.

So while it's a nice fit for oily skin, normal and combination skins can wear it comfortably too. (If your skin is dry, I don't think this would provide enough hydration to work, but if you use it with a moisturizing primer and skip powder, you might be able to get away with it.)

If you have extremely oily skin or are going to be sweating, I definitely recommend using a setting powder over it to keep it in place and from getting shiny throughout the day.

Maybelline claims that the foundation offers medium to full coverage, but I don't find that to be true. It seems to fall more into the light to medium category -- my darker freckles still show through when I'm wearing it --  though its thin consistency makes it an ideal foundation for layering so you may be able to build up to full coverage if you work at it.

The Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation comes in a glass bottle, but there is no pump. Instead, the cap has a dropper type design and Maybelline says to allow the foundation to drop onto your fingertips and apply to face. The problem is that no foundation seems to drip off the wand so you have to rub it against your hand to get any off or just pour some from the bottle. It's definitely annoying, but not enough to keep me from using the foundation.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation
And I've really loved it for the past couple of months. It lasts a good eight to ten hours if I powder it even with my skin being oily and it looks and feels incredibly light on the skin. I purchased it in the lightest shade, 10 Porcelain, and find that it's a pretty good match for my fair skin.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation in 10 Porcelain
I paid about $11 for it at my local CVS, though you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

If you have oily, combination or normal skin and prefer a lightweight foundation, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Have you tried the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation? How does it work with your skin type?

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