Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sale Alert -- The Balm is Back on HauteLook Tomorrow!


Note: I apologize for being MIA the past week or so. Between Thanksgiving coming up here in the States and some other family stuff that I had to deal with unexpectedly, I've been totally off schedule.  

I'm hoping things calm down after this weekend, but who am I kidding?  Then I'll be all stressed out with holiday shopping, baking, and decorating -- I will still find time to blog, though.  I promise.

 So here's some exciting news -- starting tomorrow, November 27th, at 11:00 EST, The Balm will be back on HauteLook.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that I'm absolutely crazy about this brand -- I would pretty much recommend every product that I've tried from the line.

I'm not sure which products will be available, but The Nude'Tude, Meet Matt(e) Nude, and Balm Jovi Palettes are all fabulous, as are The Shady Lady Palettes. Their classic blushes Frat Boy, Down Boy, and Cabana Boy are all fantastic, and the Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter is one of my favorite all time highlighting products.

You seriously can't go wrong with any of those products.

If you're not a HauteLook member, you can sign up here. (That's my invite link.) Membership is free, but you must be a member to purchase from the event.

For those who decide to pick up anything from the sale, feel free to share you haul below. I likely won't be buying anything for myself since I have virtually everything from the line that I would use, but I may do a little holiday shopping for friends and family.

Happy shopping!


  1. I'll definitely be checking it out, but I don't think I'm going to end up buying anything. I'm trying to be selective with my purchases this week, and there's other things that I'm considering. I also know that I'm going to end up picking up the Naked 3 and the new Too Faced chocolate palette at some point in the relatively near future too. :-) Have you seen the new Too Faced palette yet? It looks awesome!

    1. It was love at first sight for me with that Too Faced palette! LOL I'm putting it and the Naked 3 Palette right at the top of my Christmas list -- I figure I won't feel as guilty getting more palettes I don't really need if they're gifts from family or friends. ;)


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