Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review -- Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation

I have plenty of foundations in my makeup collection at this point, but I can't seem to stop myself from trying a new one.

There's no reason for it, really -- I have a few that I already love and can rely on for a flawless face whenever I need it -- and yet, when I saw the Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation show up on the QVC website a few months back, I ordered it without hesitation.

That's probably because I have tried quite a few of Tarte's other foundations and like them quite a bit.  The description of the product as a medium- to full-coverage moisturizing foundation with a semi-matte finish is what really drew me.

That pretty much hits all the major points on my foundation wish list.

The one thing that annoys me about the foundation -- and I've mentioned this before about other products -- is that Tarte felt the need to include the much hyped "BB" designation in its title.  What's particularly silly about that is the fact that Tarte isn't even trying to pretend its a BB cream. The title says it plain as day: *Beyond* BB.

But why is that necessary?

Isn't the step beyond BB cream just a regular old foundation?

I mean, it does claim to contain a multi-mineral complex that conditions and nourishes the skin, but at the end of the day, all it's really trying to be is a pretty great foundation.

And it succeeds in my book.

The foundation comes in a squeeze tube because it has thick, creamy consistency. It blends into the skin easily and doesn't feel at all sticky or greasy. However, I do find that it's a good match for my skin even now that the weather's gotten colder -- while it certainly isn't as hydrating as a tinted moisturizer, it plays very nice with the dry, flaky patches on my face.

It also contains SPF15 so it provides a little sun protection too.

Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation
While Tarte calls it a medium- to full-coverage foundation, I would categorize it as a medium coverage product.  It layers well, though, so you could probably build it up to a fuller coverage if you wanted to take the time.

What I really love about the foundation is its finish -- Tarte describes it as semi-matte and I think that's accurate. It looks incredibly natural on the skin -- pretty much like real skin, actually. I usually like a dewy or glowy finish for my face, but I find if I use the Beyond BB Foundation and a little highlighter, I have just the right about of glow without looking greasy.

When you purchase the foundation from QVC, it comes with a specially designed brush, the Balancing Act Foundation Brush. Like all of Tarte's brushes, it is extremely soft and works well to blend the thicker foundation into the skin. However, I find that using a brush for my foundation exacerbates my dry skin, so I prefer to use my fingers or Beauty Blender for application -- they both work beautifully with the Beyond BB Foundation.

Tarte Balancing Act Foundation Brush

Tarte Balancing Act Foundation Brush's unique wedge shape
As usual, I purchased the lightest available shade, Fair, and it is a pretty good match for my pale skin.

Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Fair
The Tarte Beyond BB Foundation is exclusive to QVC until the end of January 2014.  You can purchase it on the website $39.50 plus S&H -- remember that the foundation brush is included, though.

I would recommend this foundation to virtually anyone except those with extremely oily or extremely dry skin. If matte foundation looks a little too unnatural or mask-like to you, you'll love the semi-matte finish of the Beyond BB.

Have you tried the Tarte Beyond BB Perfecting Liquid Foundation?  What's your favorite foundation for the colder weather?

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