Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review -- Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks in Naked, Lovelight, & Streak

Note: More apologies for disappearing again. After I recovered from the stomach bug, my allergies decided to act up.  Hopefully, I manage to stay relatively healthy this week.  Also, you may notice that I'm skipping a Monthly Favorites post for July.  I only have a couple of items for the month because I tried a whole bunch of new things so I'll save them for next month and just combine July and August. 

When I first heard that Urban Decay was doing away with its old line of lipsticks, I was kind of bummed.

I only had a few of the lipsticks, but I really liked the ones I had -- in particular, I was a fan of Naked, a lovely pinky-nude shade that was perfect for everyday.  (Way back when I started the blog, I even included it in a list of my favorite everyday lipsticks of all time.)

Now, they weren't perfect.

While they felt nice on the lips, they had a pretty thin, slick consistency that meant the wear time wasn't all that great. I wasn't really crazy about the scent either -- a hint of something licorice-y, maybe? -- and the packaging with the little dagger at the end was kind of cool, but it did make them a pain to store and even carry around in your purse.

Urban Decay's new Revolution Lipsticks don't have any of those issues, so I really don't think I'll be missing those old lipsticks at all.
Whereas the old formula was lightweight and super shiny, the Revolution Lipsticks are incredibly rich and creamy so they feel wonderful on the lips but still last a good long while. The formula contains all sorts of good things like jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter so they're hydrating as well.

They offer a nice shiny finish too, so you don't necessarily have to top them with gloss unless you want to.

Some shades are sheerer than others, but all of the pigmentation is pretty intense so they really pack a punch. 

I should mention the packaging as well -- the lipsticks come in a sleek, streamlined gunmental tubes with Urban Decay's traditional purple on the interior. They're much easier to store and carry around than the other dagger-sporting tubes. In a lot of ways, it feels like a more mature type of packaging, though it still has that edgy feel that Urban Decay is known for.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Packaging

While there were a ton of shades I wanted to try, I held myself back and only picked up 3: Naked, Lovelight, & Streak.

Naked is a creamy nude pink, just like the old lipstick in Naked. However, I'd say that the Naked Revolution Lipstick leans toward the warmer end of the spectrum while the old Naked is maybe a bit cool-toned.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked
Lovelight is a light, shimmery peachy pink.  It's probably the sheerest shade of the three that I've tried, but it is gorgeous nonetheless.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Lovelight
Streak is a creamy coral pink. I was a little intimidated when I first saw it in the tube, but it's lovely wearable shade even if you have super pale skin like I do.

Urban Decay Revolution in Streak

Top to Bottom: Naked, Lovelight, Streak
I am certain that there will be more of these lipsticks in my future -- the formula is absolutely fabulous and there are just too many pretty shades.  I've got to save up for a while before I make another purchase, though.

Have you tried the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks?  Which shades are you eying?


  1. What? I didn´t even know they were going to discontinue their regular Lipsticks! :O Personally I really love the unhandy yet pretty packaging. I also love how heavy the lipstick feels in my hand. Weird I know. Well I shouldn´t be too sad though since I only own one shade (jailbait) but that was my first ever lipstick so that line does feel special to me. :/

    However I agree on the texture and quality of them - I guess it was time they added a bit more quality and opacity to the shades (out of your 3 swatches I like naked the most).

    P.S.: My lipstick smells like cherries ... do you reckon they use different scents for different countires? O:

    1. These lipsticks are truly fantastic, and there are 22 shades in all so I bet there are a few that will catch your eye. I already want three or four more. ;)

      I do like the old packaging too, but the new tubes still have a substantial feel even if they're not quite as heavy as the old ones. I think you'll like them.

      You're probably right about the cherries scent because I've seen other people refer to the fragrance as fruity. And I am known for having a slightly odd sense of smell so I'm probably totally off with the licorice thing. LOL

  2. I've had my eye on these, and the shades Naked and Streak particularly appeal to me!! Now that I've seen your review on them, I might have to go check them out in person. This could be dangerous!!! :)

    1. You should definitely check them out! It really is a fabulous formula and there are so many pretty shades. There's bound to be one that you "need." ;)

  3. Oh I desperately want Naked now, what a pretty colour... adding it to my makeup wish list! I also think this packaging is way nicer.


    1. Naked is a lovely shade, perfect for everyday. The new packaging just seems sleek and grown up to me -- I love it. :)


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