Friday, February 15, 2013

CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm

Lately, I've been absolutely obsessed with face products.

Foundations, primers, powders, concealers ... you name it, and I've probably tried a few new ones already in this still young year.

When it comes to concealer, I mainly look for a product that works well under the eyes.  I have light to medium dark circles and I want a concealer that can hide that discoloration and brighten the area. 

I'll also use concealer occasionally on redness and dark spots on other areas of my face, but usually I let my foundation cover what it will and let the rest show through. 

Still, finding a concealer that cooperates with dry skin and flakey patches can be a serious challenge. Just like foundation and powder, a concealer that's too dry or has too matte a finish just accentuates the dryness and winds up looking cakey and awful. 

Who wants that?

When I saw the display for CoverGirl + Olay's new Concealer Balm at my local CVS, I was definitely intrigued.

And that was despite the fact that it's a sort of old school stick concealer that resembles a lipstick, which I generally don't like. 

 (Probably because they bring back bad memories of the days when I used a white concealer like this under my eyes.  I can't remember if it was made by CoverGirl or Maybelline, but I'm pretty certain that I looked like the worst kind of reverse raccoon with that stuff under my eyes.)

CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm

Like all the CoverGirl + Olay products, they market it as a "Makeup meets Skincare" product -- its main claim is that it locks in moisture for flawless, smooth coverage.  The packaging specifically recommends it for concealing dark circles, age spots, and redness.

I picked it up on a whim -- CVS was having a BOGO half off sale on CoverGirl products and I'd already found another item that I wanted.  The concealer costs over $10, which seems a little steep to me for a drugstore product but I guess everything's getting more expensive these days, huh? 

I didn't really have much expectations for the Concealer Balm, but I have to say, it's a really nice product. 

As promised, it does glide on the skin smoothly and it blends out like a dream -- it's not at all chalky and dry like I remember previous drugstore concealers in this style being.  It also works really well with dry skin, though it's not so moisturizing that oily-skinned folks couldn't use it too.

I've tried it under my eyes, on the redness around my nose, and a few other dark spots on my cheek, and it works well for all of that.  I'm not sure I'd use it on acne, though -- while the packaging indicates that it won't clog pores, it seems a little moisturizing to be good on breakouts.

I should also caution that if you have extremely dark circles under your eyes or very noticeable redness, this Concealer Balm might not get the job done -- it's just not a full coverage concealer.  It offers more of a medium coverage so it's better for more run of the mill discolorations.

I always powder my concealer so I'm not sure how long the Concealer Balm would last without fading on its own.  With a little powder, it holds up for a good 8 hours, which is about average for me with concealer. 

Of course, I chose the lightest shade, 310 Fair, and it's a pretty good match for my skin. It has a slightly peachy tone, which definitely helps with blue discolorations under the eyes. 

All in all, I definitely recommend giving the CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm a try if you're in the market for a creamy, medium coverage concealer for dark circles, redness and other discolorations around the face. It's a little pricey for a drugstore product, but wait for a BOGO half off sale and it's pretty reasonable.

Have you tried the CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm?  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite undereye concealer?

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