Saturday, October 13, 2012

Favorite Fall Fragrance - Toyko Milk Paper & Cotton

I've got to be honest - I hate pretty much 99% of the perfumes that I try.

I don't think of myself as particularly sensitive to fragrance, but I find most perfumes to be too strong, heavy, too cloying.

I prefer light, clean scents or at least scents that are a bit softer.  I mean, my favorite perfume is LA VANILA's Vanilla Coconut  , which isn't exactly a light scent.  But it is nice and soft and warm - and I find it to be a good year round fragrance. 

I swear, I must wear it 9 times out of 10 when I actually remember to put perfume on.

Last year, after wanting to try the line for a long time, I purchased a couple of perfumes from Toyko Milk.  I just had to get their Poe's Tobacco fragrance (because I'm a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan and there's an adorable raven on the label) but I think there was a deal going on where you got a certain percentage off if you bought two or more.

So a whim, I picked up Paper & Cotton too.

And despite the fact that it's not light at all, it has become my favorite fall fragrance.

Tokyo Milk lists the notes on the label as coriander, white sage, birch wood and tundra moss - now I'm terrible at describing fragrances so the best I can up with to explain it is that it's spicy. 

It has a warm, spicy scent that just makes me think of fall leaves and a fire burning.

So while it's totally not anything that I'd normally choose, I am wearing it like crazy this season.

And I love the artwork on the packaging too - it may not be an awesome raven, but it's got a cool retro look that I just adore.

Tokyo Milk Paper Cotton
It costs $30 for 1 fluid ounce. 

It's worth mentioning that while I expected Poe's Tobacco to be a heavy, spicy scent - its notes include tobac, tea leaves, amberwood and autumn apple - it actually smells much lighter and fresher than Paper & Cotton. It's still a nice scent for fall, but I think it's a bit more versatile because it's light enough for spring and summer too.

What is your favorite fragrance for fall?

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