Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Current Obsession: Peach/Copper/Orange Eye Shadows

Because I have blue eyes, I’m always told that I should give orange eye shadows a try.

That’s because blue and orange are opposite one another on the color wheel, so they’re contrasting colors that help one another pop.

However, as sound as that reasoning may be, I was never willing to give shadows in the orange range a try simply because I don’t like the color much. I would wear peach shadows on occasion, but that was as far as I’d go.

But recently, I was playing around with my Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette and tried Copper Peony on my lids.  As the name implies, it’s a light, orange-y copper shade – and sure enough, as soon as I swiped it across my lids, my eyes seemed to get about six shades bluer.  

Too Faced Copper Peony - the shadow that started the obsession
Too Faced Copper Peony swatch

That got me reconsidering the whole orange shadow thing.

Well, maybe not orange shadow, per se, but copper, peach and other shades in the orange family.

Now, I’m obsessed.

Digging through my makeup collection, I realized that I had quite a few copper and peach shadows that I’d been neglecting and since then I’ve been wearing them like mad. You don’t need to have blue eyes to wear copper/peachy shadows either – the warm shades are great for summer looks on just about any eye color.  So here are some of my favorites if you want to give the whole copper thing a try: 

Senna Eye Shadow in Lurex

Senna Lurex swatch

Senna Eye Color in Lurex – If you want to take a baby step into the world of peach/orange/copper eye shadow, I’d definitely recommend Senna’s Lurex. It’s a pale peachy-pink, but it also has really fine silver glitter sprinkled throughout for gorgeous, glistening look on the lid.

Bare Escentuals Eyecolor in Joy

Bare Escentuals Joy swatch

Bare Escentuals Eyecolor in Joy – Like Senna’s Lurex, Bare Escentuals’ Joy is a light peachy shade – but it has yellow undertones instead of pink.  It’s shimmery,  but doesn’t have any glitter so it’s the perfect eye-brightening shade for daytime.

Lancome Color Design Shadow in Kitten Heel

Lancome Kitten Heel swatch

Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow in Kitten Heel – Kitten Heel is a pretty peachy-copper shade. It’s fairly light and shimmery, so I like to wear it on the lid with a matte mid-tone brown in the crease.

The Balm Eye Shadow in Mischievous Marissa

The Balm Mischievous Marissa swatch

The Balm’s Mischievous Marisa – This is one of my favorite coppery shadows – it’s from the Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette (my favorite of all the Shady Lady palettes). It’s a mid-tone shade, so I actually use this one in the crease.  I usually pair it with Devilish Danielle from the same palette, which is a super pale peach shadow –a gorgeous combination for daytime.

Bare Escentuals Ready Eyeshadow in Fire

Bare Escentuals Fire swatch

Fire from Bare Escentuals Ready Eyeshadow Quad in The Elements – I had to work up the nerve to wear this shadow because it’s the most straight-up orange of all the shadows I have.  It’s a matte burnt orange shade that I’ll apply to my lid with a fluffy brush for a light wash of color.  It’s definitely a shade to try if you’ve got blue or green eyes and want to make them pop. Fire is also a great choice if you want to go for a one shadow look since you can blend the color out or pack it on to give your eyes greater depth. 

Stila Eye Shadow in Sunset

Stila Sunset swatch

Stila Eye Shadow in Sunset from the in the light Palette – This is a true copper shade that’s so rich and shimmery. Like all of Stila’s shadows, it’s super smooth and pigmented.  I like to use for a smoky eye at night.

Are you a fan of peach/copper/orange shadows?  Do you buy into the whole contrasting shadow to bring your eyes out stuff?  Is there a particular shadow color that you love to wear?


  1. Im loving orange / peach right now too lol. I love the color kitten heel its so gorgeous<3

    1. Kitten Heel is beautiful! A friend actually passed it on to me because she didn't like the way it look on her - I'm really glad she didn't. :P


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