Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Product Review -- The Balm Foiled Again... Foil Eyeshadow Palette

I  am a huge fan of The Balm.

That's pretty well documented on this blog at this point.

Whenever they put a new palette out, I buy first, ask questions later.

(The only palette I haven't purchased is the Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette, just because I already have so many contour palettes and the shades don't look like they'd work for me. Though I'll probably cave and buy it if it every turns up on HauteLook or I can get a good deal on it somewhere else.)

Like so many other brands this holiday season, The Balm recently came out with a metallic  eyeshadow palette, the Foiled Again... Foil Eyeshadow Palette, and I was really excited to try this one out because I love me some metallic shadows.

The palette comes in sturdy cardboard packaging with the adorable retro artwork that The Balm is known for. This is one is superhero-themed, which is especially cute.

The Balm Foiled Again... Foil Eyeshadow Palette
There is an small mirror on the inside, but the palette doesn't stay open by itself so you need to prop it up against something to do your makeup.

There are 12 shadows in the palette: Mayhem, a metallic light gold; Busted, a metallic medium gold; Cahoots, a metallic taupe; Behind Bars, a metallic gunmetal; Guilty, a metallic burgundy; Red-Handed, a metallic copper; Captured, a metallic pink champagne; Locked Up, a metallic lilac; Unmasked, a matte mid-tone brown; Arrested, a matte pinkish beige; Seized, a matte chocolate brown; and Incarcerated, a matte taupe.

The Balm Foiled Again... Foil Eyeshadow Palette
Right off the bat, the thing that stands out about this palette is that it doesn't contain only metallic shades.

While that's obviously the focus, The Balm includes four matte shades so you can do a complete look with the palette, which is very convenient.

From l. to r.: Mayhem, Busted, Cahoots, Behind Bars

From l. to r.: Guilty, Red-Handed, Captured, Locked Up

From l. to r.: Unmasked, Arrested, Seized, Incarcerated
Beyond that, the shadow formula is up to The Balm's usual standards -- the metallic are extremely pigmented and smooth, and they apply so easily. The mattes are also well-pigmented and creamy so they blend like a dream.

I also like that the palette features both warm and cool shades, so you've got all your bases covered.

All in all, I think The Balm takes the award for Best Metallic Shadow Palette.

The only negative I'd like to point is that the pans in this palette appear to be smaller than those in other palettes from The Balm --you get 9.6 g of product, which isn't a ton.

The palette retails for $34 and is available on The Balm's website.

Have you tried The Balm Foiled Again... Foil Eyeshadow Palette? Are you a fan?

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