Thursday, March 10, 2016

Product Review -- NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

I'm always saying that I'm not a fan of matte liquid lipsticks, and yet, every time a new one comes out on the market, I find myself wanting to try it.

I'm not sure what that says about me, really.

Maybe I have a kind of love/hate relationship with liquid lipsticks.

Whatever my feelings about them may be, though, I was especially curious to try the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks because I was intrigued by the idea of the line having a nude shade for everyone.

In fact, the range has 12 shades -- from super pale beige to richer brown tones -- so there probably is an option that would appeal to everyone and work with most skin tones.

Like most liquid lipsticks, the Lip Lingeries come in plastic tubes with a doe foot applicator. NYX's applicator has a narrow, rounded tip that makes it easy to get a precise application around the lip line.

From l. to r.: Lace Detail. Embellishment, Satin Ribbon, Bedtime Flirt, Corset
I purchased five of the shades: Embellishment, a muted purple; Lace Detail, nude pink beige; Satin Ribbon, nude beige; Bedtime Flirt, red toned pink; and Corset, toffee nude.

The Liquid Lingerie formula is little different than a lot of the other liquid lipsticks I've tried -- it's not super thin, liquid-y, and drying like the really long-wearing options, but it isn't as mousse-y and soft as the liquid lipsticks that are prone to transfer like the Maybelline Vivid Mattes.

Instead, it falls somewhere in between.

It has a slightly thick, soft texture and it mostly dries down, but it always maintains a little tackiness.

As such, it's not as uncomfortable to wear as some other liquid lipsticks, though it isn't hydrating in the slightest. You'll want to exfoliate and moisturize your lips really well before applying these, for sure, but they feel pretty nice on the lips.

And while they mostly dry down, they can transfer a little bit -- when I'm wearing them and drinking out of a straw, I'll notice a little bit of residue on the plastic after a while.

Still, the staying power is pretty good -- I'd say I get six or so hours of wear out of them even if I'm eating and drinking.

From l. to r.: Lace Detail. Embellishment, Satin Ribbon, Bedtime Flirt, Corset

All of the shades that I purchased are wearable, though some need a little tweaking. Bedtime Flirt is probably the easiest to wear because it has the most color in it. Embellishment has plenty of color too, but it's purple so it can look a little more dramatic on my fair skin. Corset is a very warm tan, so I usually like to wear a nude pink liner under it to help it work with my skin tone a little better.

Lace Detail is a very wearable nude for me, and I like Satin Ribbon too, but it looks better if I pair it with a lip liner that adds a little color.

I've actually really enjoyed these lipsticks, though as with any matte, liquid lipsticks, I can't really wear them more than every other day or my lips get a little too dry.

If there's a shade that catches your eye, I recommend giving them a try.

They retail for approximately $6.99, and you can purchase them at the NYX website, Ulta, and anywhere else you can find NYX products.

Have you tried the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks? Which shade is your favorite?


  1. I would love to try NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks, Embellishment in particular. I can't wait! :)

    1. I definitely recommend these! And Embellishment is such a pretty, unique shade. :)


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