Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Product Review -- Milani Color Statement Lipliners

If you read this blog, you know that I obviously don't have an issue spending money on makeup.

It's one of the few things that I really don't mind splurging on.

But there are still certain types of makeup products that I don't really like paying big bucks for.

Mascara is the primary one -- it only lasts a few months, so I have a really hard time spending more than $10 or so on it.

Lip liners are another one of those products I don't like to spend too much on.

While they definitely last longer than mascaras, I'm usually pairing them with lipsticks or glosses so I don't need them to do too much. I want them to be creamy so there's no dragging when I apply them, but not too creamy so they move around too much.

And I don't feel like I necessarily need to spend $20 to get that.

Particularly when Milani's Color Statement Lipliners are kind of perfect and retail for just about $3.50.

How can you beat that?

I purchased the lipliners in two nude shades because I figured that they would be the most versatile: 03 Nude, a pinky nude, and 04 All Natural, a brown nude.

Milani Color Statement Lipliners

Milani Color Statement Lipliners in Nude (l.) and All Natural (r.)

These are pencil lipliners that require sharpening (which are my favorite kind, personally. I feel like you can always get a sharper, cleaner line and they last longer because you get rid of the outer layer whenever you sharpen so you know the product is fresh) and the pencils are the same shade as the liners.

But the best thing about them is that they glide on easily so it's easy to just line the outside or completely fill in your lips. Yet, they're still extremely long-wearing, so you don't need to go a lot of touching up throughout the day.

I absolutely love these liners -- especially when I consider that these cost less than $4! I seriously think they've become my favorite liners in my collection.

The only issue is that they're available in just 9 shades, though they are some pretty basic shades that would probably work with a variety of lipsticks and glosses.

You can purchase them for $3.50 at the Milani website and anywhere Milani products are sold.

Have you tried the Milani Color Statement Lipliners? Are you a fan? Which shades are your favorite?

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