Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review (for Fair Skinned Folks!) -- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW10

I've always been a fan of MAC.

I don't buy many items from the brand these days, though -- mainly because I have all of the items that I really want from the permanent line and they just put out too many damn limited edition collections for me to keep up with (except for the occasional one I can't resist like Marilyn Monroe or Archie.)

But, as much as I like MAC, I've never been a big fan of their foundations.

It's not much a formula issue because they certainly have enough to choose from. As a super fair girl, I could never find a color match that worked with skin tone. I tried both NC15 and NW15, and depending on the foundation formula, they were either too dark or too orange.

I have plenty of other foundations that I like so I made my peace with the fact that I couldn't use MAC foundations.

Then, about a year ago, I saw that MAC had added an NW10 shade to the Studio Fix Fluid range, and I just had to give it a go.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW10
So this review isn't so much about the formula itself -- because this foundation has been around forever, so you can find plenty of reviews on it.  It's definitely a fuller coverage foundation, though, so it's not an everyday one for me. I save it for special occasions or events where I really want to look flawless.

Instead, it's about the shade -- because fellow fair skinned folks understand how difficult it can be to find a shade that matches.

Well, the good news is that NW10 is pretty much a perfect match for my skin.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW10
For reference, I'm often a shade lighter than the lightest shade offered in most foundation ranges. My skin is mostly neutral with just some subtle pink undertones, and my best foundation match is the MakeUp Forever HD Foundation in shade 110.

If your skin tone is similar, the Studio Fix Fluid in NW10 may be a great fit for you. Despite its NW designation, it seems pretty neutral to me -- it doesn't have strong yellow or pink undertones -- so I feel like it would work with a lot of fair skin tones.

As I said, I don't wear the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation everyday because it's heavier than I like, but it's really nice for days when you want a more perfected look.

It retails for $27 on the MAC website and MAC stores and counters.

And if you've got fair skin, the NW10 is definitely worth trying.

Fair skinned folks, have you tried MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NW10? Does it work for you?


  1. I´ll definitely will try this one on my skin next time when I´m at a MAC counter. I didn´t even know they went lighter than the 15s in the standard range. ^^

    1. I didn't know about it either -- I was super excited to try it and lo and behold, it actually matches my skin! It feels like a miracle. ;)


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