Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review -- LORAC Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss in Chuck

I've had my eye on the LORAC Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss in Chuck since the line first came out.

I held back from buying it because it is a pretty expensive gloss, I have plenty of other glosses in my collection, and I thought the product might be a little gimmicky.

I mean, the whole swirl of three color stripes definitely look cool in the tub, but in the end, they're all just going to blend together into a single shade like any other gloss, right?

Still, every time I saw Chuck mentioned in a blog post or a YouTube video, every fiber of my being told me that I had to have it.

It just looked like the perfect nude gloss -- and nice and opaque to boot.

Eventually, I gave in -- though I would like to point out that I waited until was having a 20 percent off sale to buy it so I didn't have to pay full price. That counts for something, right?

And in the end, I'm really happy with my purchase.

Though I do still feel the three stripes thing is a gimmick because I've had my gloss for about two months now and the stripes aren't quite as clear any more because the colors have started to blend together in the tube itself.

LORAC Lips with Benefits Gloss in Chuck
 That doesn't change the fact that Chuck really is a lovely nude color when applied.  It's a rosy nude with subtle gold shimmer and a nice shiny finish that manages to look really pretty and natural with pretty much any eye look.

LORAC Lips with Benefits Gloss in Chuck

LORAC Lips with Benefits Gloss in Chuck

LORAC Lips with Benefits Gloss in Chuck

The Lips with Benefits Lip Gloss also has a pretty great formula. It isn't the least bit sticky and feel nice and smooth on the lips. However, it has a thick consistency so it's wear time is pretty good -- I usually get about an hour and a half to two hours of wear with it, which I think is great for a non-sticky gloss. It also includes a whole bunch of good-for-your-lips ingredients like acai berry, pomegranate extract and vitamins C & E, which certainly can't hurt.

Oh, and there's the yummy caramel scent too. I love that. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Chuck if you're in the market for a nude gloss, but the formula is so nice that I would also recommend the other shades if there is a color that you would like better.

These glosses are $18 each, and you can purchase them at the LORAC website, Ulta, and

Have you tried the LORAC Lips with Benefits Lip Glosses? Which shade is your favorite?

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