Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals and Sales

While you can still take advantage of some of the Black Friday specials listed below, we've got a few new deals going on now that it's Cyber Monday.  

I really wish that there were more people on my list that I could buy beauty products for because some of these sales are amazing.

As always, if you know of a sale or deal that I haven't included, please feel free to share it in the comments below. 

Happy shopping!

  • LORAC has several holiday gift sets, loaded with full-size products, for under $30 -- and they're on HauteLook today too, so you may want to pick up a few stocking stuffers.
  • Urban Decay has a couple of Cyber Monday Specials, including the Book of Shadows Vol IV Redux and a deluxe sample of the Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy for just $25.
  • Too Faced is offering a $25 Mystery Grab Bag as part of their Cyber Monday specials -- I picked one of these up last year and was pleased with the five full size products I received. You can also score an extra 50 percent off sale items with the code BF2013 at checkout.
  • Eve Pearl is offering between 40 and 65 percent off select items for Cyber Monday. You can find all the information, including the eligible products, here. Use code TGBP1113 at checkout.
  • Sigma is offering 20 percent off select products with the code CM2013 at checkout. You can find a list of eligible products here.
  • Em Cosmetics is offering a buy one, get one free offer on all of their products. If you've been curious about the brand, now's probably the best time to check it out. I'm considering trying out a couple of the palettes myself.


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  2. Hey there!
    I hope you are well? Sorry but I can´t help but ask: did you get some of the em products?
    The reviews here in germany are scarce of course since international shipping is non-existent right now, so I´d love to hear what you think. Although more than the palettes I´d be interested in that miracle concealer (and if it´s fair enough for girls like us).
    I tried researching the concealer but it seems even in the US there aren´t a lot of posts about it yet.

    all the best and sorry to bother you. :)

    1. It's never a bother! I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week -- the holiday craziness is already overtaking me. :P

      I did wind up picking up some stuff from the em sale -- I went with two of the limited edition holiday palettes. I was curious about about the concealer too, but someone I watch on YouTube who also has fair skin, Tarababyz, said the fair cool shade, which is what I would usually get, was too dark for her so I didn't think it would be a good fit for me. If you want to check out her review, here's the link:

      She mentions the concealer at about the 7-minute mark.

      I just got the palettes yesterday, so I haven't played with them much but my first impression is good so I'm looking forward to experimenting. Hope that helps! :)

    2. That helped a ton!! :D
      I´d also have picked the fair cool shade and the video totally cancels it from my mental shopping list. It´s kind of a bummer though - I´d always think that bloggers opposed to companies know a bit more about how fair or dark concealers are more sought after than what is widely sold. So yeah - I´m a bit disappointed.

      Thanks for answering so quickly and don´t be sorry! December is crazy everywhere. ;D

    3. I'm pretty disappointed too. I'm hoping that some shades will be added in the future. It's funny because I see so many fair-skinned folks who can't find concealers or foundations that are light enough so there's such an untapped market out there. If I had my own makeup brand, that would be my number one priority. ;)

    4. ... and then keep in mind that the US is way ahead of us here in Europe regarding fair skin products which is ridiculous. They just left out the darkest and lightest shades for some reason. the FIT ME foundation stops at 120 here... ugh. I don´t get it. That why I really had hoped that make-up bloggers would chance that and show the companies the need for these shades. And I believe it´s just as bad when you have really dark skin... at least I can say that we have nothing in our drugstores for either complexion.

      So you better hurry with your own brand ;) Make it big in the States and quickly expand to Europe!


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