Friday, September 20, 2013

Review -- bareMinerals READY Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush

 I tried very hard to talk myself out of buying the bareMinerals READY Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush, which came out as part of the Power Neutrals Collection a couple of months back.

Of course, I was drawn to the product -- I'm a sucker for any of these multi-shade cheek products, and I've loved virtually everything from bareMinerals' READY line that I've tried -- but I'd already bought a couple of blushes the month before and couldn't see justifying another cheek color purchase.

Then I read some blog posts reviewing it and watched a few youTube videos featuring it and I decided that I had to have it.

I'm ridiculous like that, you know.

But in the end, I'm really happy that I picked up The Adrenaline Rush.

bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush
 It may not look particularly special in the pan, but on the cheeks, it is just such a natural, lovely flush of color, which is due to the combination of shades included.

The product features three shades -- the top (and smallest) section is a matte rosy brown, the middle (and biggest) section is matte pink, and the bottom section is a shimmery golden ivory shade.

bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush
 Depending on the size of your brush, it is possible to use each of the shades separately -- the pink shade is an ideal blush, the rosy brown can work as a contour shade, and the golden ivory makes an ideal highlighter.  I've even used the Color Boost as eye shadow a couple of times, using the shades individually -- it's a really pretty look, and I just love multipurpose products like that. 

bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush Swatched Individually
When I wear it on my cheeks, though, I typically swirl my brush through all three to combine them. The end result is a natural rosy pink with a really lovely glow to it.

bareMinerals Ready Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush Swatched Together
Like all of the READY cheek products, I've found this lasts a good while on my skin -- probably about five hours before I need a touch-up and that's pretty good for me since most blush disappears from my cheeks in a couple of hours.

But as much as I love The Adrenaline Rush, I can't really recommend it to everyone.

If you've got fair to medium skin, you should definitely check it out.  It will be perfect for days when you want a soft, natural blush for your cheeks.

If you've got medium to darker skin, though, you should probably skip this one.  While the product is well pigmented, the shades are all pretty light and I'm not sure that they would show up on a dark skin tone. I would definitely swatch the Color Boost in person to see if it's dark enough.

The Adrenaline Rush retails for $29, and is available at BE Boutiques, on the bareMinerals website and

Have you tried the bareMinerals READY Color Boost in The Adrenaline Rush? Would you recommend it?


  1. hmmm......i WANT this...maybe i will order it when more BM holiday collections roll out on their website (for now ordering just the blush with $10 shipping to canada isn't quite worth the shipping cost...). I would have probably purchased this a long time ago if this was easier to get in canada, like at sephora! *lol*

    thanks for the review! :)

    1. I totally hear you on the shipping costs -- it's crazy how much some places charge. If you can pick this up, though, you totally should. It's so pretty. BM does have some really nice holiday kits coming out too, so you're totally justified in doing some shopping. ;)


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