Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Confessions of a Chronic Overpacker

On Sunday, I leave for a vacation that I've been looking forward to for months.

I couldn't be more excited.

Well, I guess if I could wake up Sunday morning and find my bags magically packed for me, I could be a little bit more excited.

I hate packing. 

Dread it, really.

And that's primarily because I am a chronic overpacker and always find myself trying to shove more clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and toiletries that any one person could need for a four or five day trip in a compact little suitcase. 

It is no fun, believe me.

I think my overpacking issue stems from the fact that I want to have options, just like I would if I were at home, so if one day, I'm not feeling a certain shirt or want more comfortable shoes, I'm not stuck in something I don't like.

I'm trying to get better about it -- I mean, I'm down to three pairs of shoes for this trip.  That's a real accomplishment for me.

Unfortunately, I'm still having some trouble when it comes to packing my makeup.

I think that if I were going a casual, low-key vacation, I'd be okay -- I'd pack one of my neutral palettes, my Tarte Exposed Blush, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, and some gloss and be done with it.

But this trip, I'm going to Vegas, and while I'm not going to be out in the clubs dancing with the Kardashians til dawn, I'm going to want to turn things up a notch at night.

But I really don't want to bring a bunch of different foundations, blushes, shadows, etc. 

That's why I thought I would ask for some help.

Do you guys have any tips for keeping things simple when packing your makeup for a trip?  What's your strategy for choosing what items to take with you?

I'll take any advice I can get.


  1. Oh boy, do I relate to your packing dilemma! I usually start by loading any flat surface, (usually my bed), with every item of clothing I would like to take, then I start removing items one by one while trying to put together numerous outfit combinations with minimal items. Although I am getting better with each trip, I still overpack! I did notice you had a pair of boots in your luggage, so perhaps utilizing the space inside your boots by packing either socks/panties/nylons-hose (first pack in plastic bags or organza bags) to prevent snags, etc. or your jewelry in a jewelry roll/bag. (This works the same if you pack an extra purse or clutch, though I usually slide one into my carryon with my jewelry inside.) Then you'll have a little more room for an extra item of clothing, or anything else! As far as make-up, I always take the basics (foundation/concealer/eyelid primer/mascara), and I take a quad palette or kit item with basic colors for eyes (neutral colors for base and day looks.) I add 2-3 colors of bare mineral loose powders that I can layer over the base colors for more dramatic looks for night. The bm pots are small, but add more options since they can be used wet/dry (think liners!) and I try to pack double-duty brushes. I usually take 1 day and 1 nite lipstick with 1 neutral lip gloss. For bronzer/contour/blush/highlight I also pack bm for their versatility for face and eyes (sometimes lips too!)
    ~~~Have a Fabulous Trip~~~

    1. That's some really great advice, Lori! I wish you could come to my house and pack for me. LOL

  2. Well depottet shadows are awesome for occasions like that... if I can´t decide about a foundation I´d just take empty eye cream jars and put them in there.
    ...It´s not much advice but even if you wind up missing a certain item, nevermind it and have a great time in Vegas, okay? :D

    1. I love your idea about foundations -- that was my main dilemma because some of the bottles are so big and cumbersome. I kind of wish that brands sold travel size bottles to make things a little easier. :)

  3. As your Vegas traveling companion, all I can say is - Sephora. You know we'll be hitting Sephora a few times next week, so if you forget anything (or if we DO decide to go clubbing with the Kardashians), you can always use your slot machine winnings to pick up a few new things :)
    - Laura

    1. That's the other part of the problem, though! I need to leave some room in my suitcase for purchases. Especially when we hit our jackpot and I have lots of money to spend at Sephora. :P


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